Lockdown Relaxation

I find this period to be very interesting when it comes to observing human dynamics, group psychology and so on. While my country is getting more and more relaxed, the cases of COVID-19 are also ramping up. I wonder and somehow expect a second lockdown because of a new wave of cases. At least in parts of the country. I must admit, I'm one of the lucky ones who actually loves and thrives in this period. I do face my own challenges, such as getting used to a good routine in that involves only remote work but I'm loving this period. I'm working more, I'm playing more (maybe too much!) and talking more to various close friends.

I'm still working on the same side-projects as mentioned below, I'm slowly falling in love with art history and learning Japanese. Looks like I really enjoy learning when it comes from my own initiative.

This website

Finally, settled on a design for the projects page! Check it out! I still have to fill it up with more of my projects so it's a work in progress! I'm also tinkering around with the idea of adding some color spots to this website!


For the past 4 and a half years I've been working at Canon as an in-training software architect.

Currently, this job takes a bit over half of my work-day. Yet, it's by far one of the best opportunities for me to grow and learn the ins and outs of software architecture alongside a great mentor and in a context that really needs good architecture.

Game Development

Slowly working on my OpenID Plugin for UE4 and designing an Inventory System. Trying to learn how game development in UE4 is properly done (from a code design / architecture point of view).

Also, finding out there aren't a lot of resources in the game development world for various architectural patterns. I've been searching on how to properly design the items system and an inventory system within Unreal without any luck. This might be a good area where both me and other people could invest in defining some design patterns/architectures to be used within those very specific and repeating use-cases which a lot of games require.

In order to address this, I've started to do some research on OOP / design patterns when building monoliths - since most of my experience deals with distributed systems. Currently, I'm reading Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design: A Brain Friendly Guide to OOA&D.


I'm putting effort at this moment to learn my third language: Japanese and improving my knowledge about art in general and art history. Also, in order to keep up with my extremism, I'm doing MMA at a local gym and some daily side workouts. Slowly working up my calisthenics skills.