Short version

For a short and technical version of this page, check out my curriculum vitae.


I came out of this world on the night of 19th May 1996 in Romania. Had a pretty quiet and normal childhood with a lot of computer games and sports early on. During school I participated at a lot of contests, from simple presentations to video producing and eventually to competitive programming in highschool. Last year I graduated from university with a degree in computer engineering.

My life philosophy

I'm big on values, especially when taken to extremes and idealistic levels. Courage, love, friendship, humility, balance and mastery all mean a great lot to me. I love to think of myself as a dreamer, a rebel, a crazy one for all the idealism and the lack of realism.

I believe the series way of the peaceful warrior by Dan Millman - or the movie - best describes my life philosophy and what I aspire towards.


I discovered my love for creating when I was around twelve, making a program displaying whatever I wish was intense bliss. Since then, I've always been busy creating stuff. At first it was educational presentations, then educational movies, eventually moved to making animated music videos and various applications.

Yet, the biggest one has always been making video games. I love creating new worlds, worlds where philosophy meets reality, where the impossible is possible. I love making games that emphasise how beautiful and astonishing the real world truly is.


I've always been a fan of challenges and programming was a big one. I was a slow learner at first but the joy of creation has kept me going. My highschool years have been mostly spent on competitive programming which improved my thinking and learning skills vastly.

After highschool, thanks to a great opportunity, I've focused on software architecture while working at a huge corporation alongside a great mentor. This period has tought me extremely valuable lessons which brought my creations to the next level from all points of view.


While it is hard and I often fail, I'm doing my best to keep a balance in my daily life. Between creating, MMA, social life and pursuing other interests I often get lost, but I'm getting better and better at handling them all.

Crest of Courage from Digimon - my first love and one of the biggest influences on my life!